Wet deburring machine for fine-blanking parts

1 to 6 grinding stations

The WEBER NLCA is a deburring machine especially for fine-blanking parts, which require strong edge rounding at higher throughput speeds. The combination with the WEBER cleaning machines in compact design enables the highest degree of production efficiency in the smallest space.

WEBER NLCA Technical data

Working widths 300, 450 and 600 mm

Grinding belt length 2620 mm

Working height 900 mm (constant)

Grinding belt drive up to 30 kW

Version with 1 to 6 machining stations per frame unit

Multi Panel MP 377

Mode of operation: top grinding

“i-Touch” controller

Workpiece thickness 0.3-120 mm

Freely selectable arrangement of grinding stations

Infinitely variable feed speed (1-10 m/min)